At Intergalactic Design Unit or IDU for short, we go for quality and unique design tailored to the customers needs. Whether it’s your logo and corporate identity or the design of a birth card. Each design is unique and made especially for you. There are no limits to what IDU designs as there are no limits to imagination. In cooperation with you, we will achieve a result that is qualitative and just that little bit different.

Really tailor-made design.

That’s why we’ll discuss your wishes in a conversation with you and we are open and transparent in quotations and in estimating how much time it will take to get your design done.

We keep track of the time we spend on your design in a special program that you can always follow up.

Why would you choose IDU? Because for us every customer comes first and we go Above and Beyond for your design.

What can you contact us for?


Everything concerning the graphical design for your company and the design of a concept. The design and illustration for your products and packaging. All the advertising you need to promote your business.

And a little bit beyond… Cultural

Music groups, theater companies,… IDU takes care of everything you need in terms of graphical design.

Posters for events, the design of the logo for your band or company.

Designing patches and insignia for your clothing, e.g. for motorcycle clubs.

Feel free to ask about the possibilities.


For all companies, events, non-profit organizations and on any product such as e.g. buttons, T-shirts, ballpoint pens. Flyers and posters. Large Banners and all printing.

Occasional printing

IDU designs birth cards that are truly unique. Especially for the birth of your baby, a design will be drawn up that you will not find anywhere else and is tailored to you and your family. What a party. This can also be printed on your baby shower gifts, birth gifts or on your baby’s bear or blanket. It is also possible to make a family emblem that you can use for years for printing on special occasions for your child or e.g. embroidered on the linen or cuddly patch of your child.

You can also contact IDU for other occasional printing such as communion cards, birthday cards, etc…

For birth cards we work together with print house Koppie Copies BVBA in Ostend.

They have more than 20 years of experience with birth printing and you can make an appointment with them for all samples, types of paper and baptismal sugars.

If you cannot go to them yourself, a solution can also be found for this.

Print house Koppie Copies BVBA

Nieuwedokstraat 51
8400 Ostend
059 51 95 78


This includes a lot like e.g. tattoo design, illustration for children’s books and books, textbook notebooks, etc…


Together with Luyten.Website, IDU builds your website or webshop, which is also very easy to manage, expand and adapt. Of course, we take into account your corporate identity and budget here. IDU takes care of the entire graphic design and ensures that your website exudes the corporate identity and branding of your business. The technical document, the hosting and maintenance of the website are provided by Luyten.Website which has been providing websites for SME’s and associations for years.


A website of Luyten.Website


Doornzele Dries 29/A
9940 Evergem
09 277 18 48