In an introductory conversation at your home or online, we find out exactly what you need. IDU gives you a non-committal quotation. Which is always an estimate of the hours that will be required for your design. After your approval, we’ll get to work. We are very transparent about this and also keep track of the hours worked in a special program that you can always consult. As a graphic designer, we go for quality. There are many prices nowadays and for relatively low prices eg. you can buy a logo online. Think of logo’s of around 100 to 200 euros. However, these designs are often not unique and  will not  withstand the course of time. IDU is about customisation and this for all designs and illustrations. We work at a correct price that is certainly not at the highest level in the market, but is nevertheless a guarantee of quality. And above all, guarantee that your design is only made for you.

Prices: designs at 50 euros per hour excluding VAT

Non-committal quotation with an estimate of the number of working hours. Gradually and with your approval, this will be adjusted if necessary if you have additional requests.

Hours worked are kept in a special program that you can always consult.